Djurdjic: we’re equal to Levante

Helsingborg take on Levante this evening with hopes of Europa League progression still alive. Sasa Ibrulj reports from Sweden.

Everybody wants to talk about his future – rumours are sending him from Spain to France, Germany and Italy to England – but Nikola Djurdjic is focused on the present. Levante are heading to Olympia, and they look frightening. They are fourth in Spain, looking only at Real, Atletico and Barcelona’s backs. Sounds scary?

“No, not really,” says Djurdjic to FotbollDirekt. “Of course they are a great team and with their results they look really good; they are better placed than some of the Champions League teams, like Malaga. However, that is not what we are thinking about. We have played them once in Valencia and, in my opinion, we were at least equal. We learned a lot in that match, now it is time to show it”.

Who does the biggest threat come from?

“I think Levante is not a team where you can point out one player. They are not a typical Spanish team, they don’t look to keep possession, and what we have to do is to try to use our possession and score from any chance we create. We are going to try to press them, but at the same time be careful at the back, since their attacking transformation is very good. We are going to miss Larsson and Atta of course, but the guys that will replace them, I’m sure they are going to fulfil all that is asked from them”.

Djurdjic has already scored in the Europa League against Twente and Hannover, with Levante the only team in the group that the Serb is yet to score against. With three goals in the competition, Nikola is the third top score, together with the likes of Defoe, Di Natale, Palacio, Shelvey, and just behind Raul Bobadilla and Edison Cavani.

“To be honest, I wasn’t aware of that, but it would be great to win and score tonight and go in front of Cavani”, laughs Djurdjic, before adding:

“Jokes aside, I think those names are the true proof that this competition is serious and that there are some great players and clubs in the Europa League. I hope we’ll win tonight and have the chance to fight with Twente for second place”.


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